So you want to know who my father is and as I told you before

he lives

and you say biologically speaking and again I say it is the

Lords love I’m blessed with it is his way that I’m seeking

and so I ask you who on this earth

Is more qualified to be my daddy

who poseing as such has

stood for fought for loved protected guided restored cleansed and whiped

away my sins

who can pave the way and

although he put them here who stands closer then

family and friends

who but my daddy was loving me before my walk began

so again I say

GOD is my daddy who breathe life in me

it is GOD that has given me life safety and love

not man

but God from above


Linda Bishop



What is it that’s

trying to keep me from reaching my goal

what is this hatered this anger

that try’s to take hold

that trys to

suffocate me and turn my Love cold

what is this I ask

and it becomes clear

it is darkness fear

trying to live

but to you


I say

I have nothing to



Linda Bishop

So much going on in my head


trying not to make the same  mistakes

trying to learn to endure temptation

to be true and not fake

searching here searching there

in my desperation

in my despair

then I stand still and feel

love and acceptance

and I know that God cares so in his arms is where

I’ll run to

the arms of love hope and understanding

that are waiting there


Linda Bishop

I want you to know i feel your pain

how that old memory left a stain

And still you remain

living and claiming your right to fame

thoughts of the past driving you insain

standing on th edge of time refusing to be slain

while that old memory creeps up again and again

remnants calling your name

what will you do will you face it or forever be



Linda Bishop

How many children will continue to suffer the abuse and ignorance

of their fathers and mothers Kicking picking at and pushing children aside

telling them their nothing nobody and sending them for a ride

behind fear and jealousy they hide

to a mothers love I’m told nothing can compare

yet we live in the same house she knows not I’m there

without love how can they care

a hug a kiss

is like thorns of a fresh rose stem

We speak of the past we laugh we sigh

we dim the lights and at last we




Linda Bishop

A child is born in the midst of a storm

she reaches up out above and beyond

the chaotic insanities of the norm

trying not to conform

she searches  hoping  to find a home

and soon learns that the streets have a voice

of their own

she was but a child in a world all alone

until she discovered she also had a voice

that carried her when she was in a world of sin

a voice engraved in her true home



Linda Bishop

Today i stopped  and looked around and noticed

the trees and all the colorful leaves

then i looked down and saw the green grass

and the leaves on the ground

then i looked up at the sky

watching the clouds and the birds fly

and i felt the love of God

it was a natural high

then i stopped for a moment and realized

that in my solitude

although the years were gone

life had not passed me by

and that everything became more beautiful

and the glory of God

is the reason why


Linda Bishop