When you look at the mountains,waterfalls, rivers, lakes and streams

when you smell the flowers and the scent lingers in the air or

you feel the warmth of a summer breeze

does it make you wonder what you can achieve

does it compare to anything you could ever dream

Immersed in the beauty watching the birds

taking a moment to listen to them sing

or how about the monarch the caterpillar that becomes

a butterfly when it grows it’s wings

imagine all the creatures that have yet to be seen

and the many animals that occupy the earth

when you look at all the beauty

that surrounds you

how does it make you feel ?

perhaps you want to pinch yourself

in awe

that something

so magnificent

so glorious

can be

so real



Linda Bishop



If we were ment to


through life alone

there wouldn’t


so many of



Linda Bishop

To love each other

To listen and discern

To walk in humility

To give to others

To be creative and inspire

To learn and grow

because to begin each day anew and

know that you’re beautiful

just because you are

is no small matter

by far


Linda Bishop

We communicate through words touch our intellect

emotions feelings

arise giving way for approval or rejection

which often determine our direction

we seek it we need it

communication love acceptance and affection

as we grow knowing we are as different as intricate

as each flake of snow

yet needing the other together we realize

who we are

sharing life giving birth

holding on and letting go

we discover the disparities around us

and so we pull and grow together not apart

in the present is where we start

in the moment

just like that single flake of snow

so be different and let love and togetherness in you grow

communicate and let your love flow

all over the world no matter where you go


Linda Bishop

What is most beautiful to me is the freedom to


without worries or anxieties that flee

beneath the surface

beauty lives in me

i know I don’t have to follow every thought or imagination

but what’s important is daily contemplation

it wasn’t long ago

when the wolves danced in the shadows

in a moment i would take flight

now i stand and fight

for beauty and for freedom

because its my God given



Linda Bishop

Love is enough

its a foundation you can trust

its like breathing in the air in a beautiful garden

or watching the birds play or like

the tortoise with no worries as it makes it’s way

its like spring as nature blooms

like a home with many doors and not enough rooms

it overflows

love oh love

is enough to brighten the days

its like sitting on the shore amoung countless waves

like the warmth of summer in June

love is perfect because

it’s never too late and never

to soon


Linda Bishop